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Angel Investor Resources

Before we started Archangel we were angel investors making hundreds of investments in companies in Australia and overseas. We've now eased up on deploying capital through syndicates and directly and spend our time constructing a portfolio of venture capital style investments for our investors.

If you are an angel investor here's a few tools that you might find useful:

Finding investments

* Australia - Aussie Angels, Startup Galaxy or join an accelerator / incubator (like Startmate)
* US - AngelList but also read 'A word of caution to AngelList LPs'

Making investments

* Some pointers about how to go about it: 100+ angel investments and how many investments should an angel investor make
* Looking at the latest data on pricing and returns from AngelList/Silicon Valley Bank
* Our guide to Australian SAFE notes for investors. SAFE notes are one of the most popular funding instruments for early stage founders.

Tracking investments

A basic tracking spreadsheet that helps you with basic reporting, sorting and calculations regarding your angel portfolio.

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